Story of the Survivor – Movie gets your senses going

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Blake Smith, Photo Editor

“The Lone Survivor” retells the story of SEAL Team 10’s failed mission back in 2005, in Afghanistan, called Operation Red Wings. It is a movie that shows the strength of our nation.

The mission was to take out the Taliban leader in the area where the Reconnaissance team was investigating. The team consists of four men, as they travel the area to find the village that holds the target. When they find the village, they are discovered by a shepherd and his sons. The team decides their fate and begins to head up the mountain, before the enemy is alerted.

Once they get to the top of the mountain and in an open area, they see hundreds of enemy forces moving toward them. They must decide to either keep moving forward or take a stand against the enemy. With many thrilling and action moments throughout the show, “The Lone Survivor” is one of the best action movies of the year and one to compare to others in the past.

I definitely say this is better, or just as good as, “Saving Private Ryan.” It is a thrilling action movie with emotional scenes, and it gets your senses on edge. It gets you going.

This movie is one I would recommend that you go to see, while you can, in theaters. It is a movie that makes you feel what they are feeling right in the middle of the fight or when they are doing the mission. This movie helps represent what our soldiers did during the war in Afghanistan and even what they still go through now in countries around there.

If you can’t go to the theater, see it when it comes out on Blu Ray and DVD.