Movie review: ‘The Nut Job’ is worth seeing

Shelby Hedgepeth, staff writer

If you’re a teenager stuck having your little sister or brother with you, the best movie is to see “The Nut Job.”

In a city park lives a squirrel named Surly. He does his own thing and doesn’t include other animals. He ends up destroying the food tree, where the other animals store winter food. After being banned from the park, he is forced to survive on his own in the big city. He comes across a “construction” store that sells nuts. He doesn’t realize that it’s fake until it’s too late. Now, Surly must try to save the other animals.

I honestly liked the movie. If you are a kid-watching movie kind of person, then you’ll like it. It’s funny and really cool to watch for an hour and 45 minutes. It was really funny; some of the jokes would go over the kids’ heads, but mostly it was ok. My best friend and I really liked it and would watch it again.