Movie Review: ‘Catching Fire’ is on fire

Shyanne Cardenas, staff writer

The first hit movie that The Hunger Games franchise distributed ended with the fans wanting more.

Here’s how the first movie blends into the second part. Peeta and Katniss are the first pair of competitors to win the 74th Hunger Games, but they offended the president by doing that because he only wanted Katniss to win. Arranging for Katniss or Peeta to die, Snow did all that he could, no matter the cost, to finally end their lives – but he couldn’t succeed and keep the people in the Capital happy. Nobody likes the fact that President Snow was only looking forward to the games as an act of revenge on District 13. Those who wanted the Hunger Games to finally end wanted them to survive. Katniss had to force the hard decision for those in charge to choose Peeta’s life over her own in the end. The President couldn’t kill both of them, so both lived. 

They are the ideal couple and when “Catching Fire” came out, it was kind of a shock – the announcement came that Peeta and Katniss are getting married. They are – supposedly – having a child together. 

All in all Director Francis Lawrence did a great job on this movie. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” has raised the level of intensity and drama – from the shocking ending to the outrageous events happening all at once, this movie was the best one yet. It seems every time they make a new one, it will only get better. Though the first movie introduced us to the story, “Catching Fire” gives all the unexpected.

If you fell in love with the “Hunger Games” books, you will definitely fall in love with the movies. When the “Hunger Games” series hit the box office, they certainly did not disappoint their fans. The movie leaves you sitting there speechless at the very end. You might even go a little crazy from all the action they put into this fantastic movie. In the end, it will leave you hungry for more. The fans will just have to wait until Nov. 21, 2014 to watch the “Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1.”