Batman’s enemies define him in newest video game

Blake Smith, photo editor

Batman comes back in the all-new Batman Arkham Origins game that is now out in stores. The game is a new start to all those coming out later in the fall and is very exciting. It is a game that I would recommend if you love mystery solving and action fighting, and especially if you are a big fan of Batman.

One of the most action filled and pulse grinding games of the year, Batman Arkham Origins is a game that everyone who loves superheroes or even just likes fighting games should go get.

Batman is back in this prequel game to the Arkham series. Batman is on a crusade to rid Gotham of crime and bring justice to those who deserve it. He is known at this time not as the Dark Knight to the people of Gotham, but as a vigilante who must be brought in for his crimes. Following a disturbance at the prison Black Gate, he goes to investigate what is happening and finds that the crime lord Black Mask, is causing chaos in the prison.

After defeating Black Mask’s hired assassin, Killer Croc, Batman learns that Black Mask has hired some of the world’s deadliest assassins to come to Gotham and have a chance to collect $50 million dollars to whoever kills the Batman. He fights through assassins such as Deathstroke, Firefly, Bane, and Deadshot, facing other criminals like the Penguin and Mad Hatter. He even discovers new villains that will challenge him like the Riddler and his worst ever, the Joker. He must find out what Black Mask is up to, defeat the assassins, and save Gotham before it’s too late.