‘Gravity’ takes over box office

“Gravity” is the new thrilling movie that is now in theaters all across the nation. It is a great movie with fantastic actors starring in it. I would recommend people to go see this movie while they can. A very action-packed movie that keeps you on your toes, “Gravity” is a must-see.

The movie takes place in the orbit of Earth, where Dr. Ryan Stone, Sandra Bullock, a bio-medical engineer, is on her first mission with astronaut Matt Kowalski, George Clooney, to update the Hubble Telescope. As they are finishing up with the update and spacewalk around the satellite, Mission Control Houston warns them that a Russian missile strike to one of their own satellites has caused a cloud of debris that is now heading their way.

Control orders them to abort the mission immediately.

Kowalski, Stone, and the others try to make it back to the shuttle, but are too late as the debris hits them and desecrates the entire shuttle and crew. Stone is ejected into orbit and is drifting through space. Kowalski finds her and attaches her to his jetpack. They decide that they need to get to the Russian space station and use their escape pod to get out of there before the satellite debris comes back.

Although this sounds like all the plot, there is much more to come! You really should see this one on the big screen.