Trilogy continues to terrify fans

Madalyn Mapp, staff writer

Talking, getting goosebumps, some even shaking — people at the movies prepared to see the nerve-wrecking third part of the trilogy “Paranormal Activity 3.”

“It was scary, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be,” senior Valerie Sotelo said. “It was good because they had really good special effects, and it actually followed the story.”

Personally, I thought it was scary, and this one actually made sense. The first one was not scary at all. I thought that one wasn’t relevant. But the second one was really scary, and this one was even scarier. I hate scary movies because I jump and scream a lot. I’m a cry baby.

“I  liked the first one better,” senior Lynette Gonzalez said. “It was bad; it wasn’t even that scary.”

Whenever my friends would scream, I would jump. And I would get so mad because they screamed at every little thing.

“I thought it was really scary. I screamed, like, three times. It was really good and was the best of the three; very suspenseful,” senior Tabitha Fletcher said.