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Reel Thanx

Reel Thanx

September 24, 2019

Closet Detention – Dress code is more about smarts than style

Theresa Vega, staff writer

February 2, 2017

Dress code can easily stir up arguments.  Everyone has their own opinion. It's more then just a rule. Our dress code is pretty simple - no tank tops, no short skirts, no leggings, no showing straps on wide neck shirts, no...

Why you should volunteer

Robert Walker, staff writer

December 12, 2011

Have you ever thought of volunteering? It is a great way to give back to the community and even the world. No matter the activity, any amount of volunteering can better your community. It can be beneficial to you, too. It can...

Make-A-Wish foundation is worthy of support

Sarah, staff writer

November 18, 2010

     Make-A-Wish Foundation is a great organization to get involved with. It helps many kids with terminal illnesses who do not get the chance to do the things they enjoy because most families do not have the money to pay...

Hallway changes should result in go-with-the-flow attitude

HK, staff writer

October 6, 2010

      The school hallways have been switched around resulting in a stir of mixed opinions. Many staff agree with the new change because of better watchfulness over the students, but most of the students oppose the new change...

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