National Honor Society sells pizza for scholarship money

January 17, 2012

The National Honor Society was holding its Little Ceaser’s Pizza annual fundraiser.

The proceeds are for scholarships issued by the organization to selected students. All order forms were due on Jan. 12.

National Honor Society plans blood drive Nov. 29

November 15, 2011

Volunteers are needed for the annual blood drive Nov. 29. More information will come, and National Honor Society sponsor Ignacio Nanez will answer questions.

Other business that the group has accomplished is officer elections: president Kesley Ricketson, vice president Zac Martin, secretary Kendall Maddox, treasurer Micheal Nguyen, and Student Council Representative Callie Knippa. They will have meetings on an as-needed basis.

The students have to be invited to apply, and are chosen from the applications turned in the spring. Then those students go through an evaluation process from other teachers Nanez said.

NHS inducts underclassmen

April 19, 2011

     The National Honor Society is having a blood drive in May. Members will also hold their induction ceremony on May 12. They will be inducting underclassmen into NHS.

    ” The best part about NHS is the induction ceremony because you get to see all the underclassmen coming to follow in your footsteps,” senior Liz Hulslander said.

Pizza profits NHS; delivery Jan. 28

January 25, 2011

     With a minimum goal of $1,600, National Honor Society is planning to earn more for future events. They plan on earning most, if not all, on their current Little Caesar’s Pizza fundraiser.

     “The fundraiser is going good so far, but we just started the other day,” NHS president sr. Aaron Campbell said.

     With this money earned, part of it will go to inductions in the future and senior scholarships.

     The sponsored fundraiser ended Jan . 21 with all products ready for delivery on Jan. 28.

NHS supports blood drive

November 8, 2010

           National Honor Society is trying to get involved with the blood drive in order to support Mrs. Shelia Smith’s niece. They are partners with Student Council and are attempting to get people in each group to donate.

        The members also plan to raise money for senior scholarships with a t-shirt fund raiser.

        ”Seor has been a great sponsor so far. He is making many good decisions for our organization,” Mathew Ulcak vice president, said, of sponsor Mr. Ignacio Nañez.